To describe India in a few lines is simply impossible! But let us try anyways.

A land of consummate culture, a land of a billion people, a land of vacant dunes, a land of warm climate, a land of the Himalayas, a land of Love expressed in the beautiful Taj Mahal, a land of mighty warriors!

Of Palaces, Kings and Poets. Of “Dabbawallas” (Tiffin carriers) who deliver millions of meals with 100% accuracy using primitive codes. Of world’s largest pool of software engineers and doctors.

Of the 5th maximum number of billionares in the fastest growing large economy of the world. Of Asia’s largest slum where the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire was shot.

Of beautiful lakes, parched desserts and ferocious tigers. Of a riot of colors and incredible festivals.

Of 22 official languages and nearly 122 dialects.

Of cultures and traditions more than 5000 years old. Of companies that are Unicorns (Billion dollar valuations) with CEO’s in their early 20’s.

And between all these contrasts is the real India.

An India that is ready to be explored, and touches every passing traveller in the heart. May we have the pleasure of showcasing India – Authentic, Creatively and Responsibly with 1000 Bamboo Tours.

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